Monday, September 26, 2016

Kid Friendly Halloween Party Decor

I held a little Halloween party at my house a couple of years ago and did a little party table in our dinning room. It was a black, white and orange theme. Fun for all ages and not too scary.

My supplies are from Target-One Spot, Michaels and Dollar Tree.
I made the black and white spiral streamers by taking shearing scissors to both edges taped them to the wall at the top and twisted them until I achieved the twist all the way to the bottom and taped it down at the bottom.

You can find the tutorial on how I made the large paper fans from Dollar Tree finds HERE. As seen in the picture bellow.

I covered organic apple sauce cups in black fabric and tied it off with orange and black bakers twin from Target, craft paper cut out into a circle, and little Halloween embellishments from Michaels.

The banner is from Target One Spot. I added the black and orange ribbon in between the triangles. 

The brown paper bags are from Target One Spot. I added the embellishments to the front with stuff from Michaels Halloween station. 

I covered Organic juice boxes in white paper and stamped them with a Halloween stamp.  

Small chocolate bars wrapped in white paper and topped off with Halloween stickers from Michaels. I found a book of stickers for like $3!! They are nice cardboard stickers too:) 

I created bottle wraps in Photoshop.

The little skeletons and brew pots are from Target One Spot. I put gum balls inside of them and added paper straws.

Colors and patterns was the theme of this party. Small and simple.

The kids were able to grab a juice box, apple sauce, Halloween wrapped candy, and the gum balls in the little plastic skeletons & witches pot.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hanging Light Bulb Vases

I did this upcycled light bulb project a couple years ago and never shared the tutorial on how I made them! I'm really bad about that....I have 1000's of photos of projects and never blog them. I'm going through all my stuff while I'm pregnant and needing to rest a little more.

It's a pretty easy project. I love the big round shape of these light bulbs. They are from our bathroom light fixtures. When they burn out I pull them apart to make vases.

You will need a burnt out light bulb, wire, needle nose plyers, and for safety a heavy duty glove. 

I did everything over a plastic bag. The first thing you will need to do is remove the center "pin."

Once the center pin/plate is removed there is glass backing that you will chip & break away at with the plyers.

You can kind of see the black glass piece I'm pulling out.

Now you will be able to get inside the light bulb & pull the guts out.

Shake all the leftover glass pieces out of the bulb and it's ready for the wire.

I picked up wire from the Dollar Tree and wrapped a piece around itself on one side and then bringing one of the strands around to the other side and looping it through to create a hanging wire.

Hang & fill fresh flowers or use dried flowers!

I hung mine from my chandelier for a while but they are now hanging on my ladder.

I'll be doing a post on my ladder wall décor soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

No Sew Mini Fabric Pumpkins

After making my Halloween wreath I had some left over fabric & I've been wanting mini pumpkins for my flower box, so I thought why not make some. I had just enough fabric for two small ones in a perfect farmhouse pattern!

I needed something flexible for the center...hmmm what do I have? Bubble wrap! If you're a Amazon junky like myself, you have a bubble wrap stash. You could use PolyFill too if you have some.

I used a large bowl to draw out a circle. It's about 12-14 inches wide.

I cut a stick from outside at about 5"- 6" for the center stem.

Form a ball with the bubble wrap & hot glue your stem into the middle. I did hot glue on two sides.

Open your bubble wrap up and glue your stick in and wrap the bubble wrap back around the stem.

Place your "ball" in the center of the fabric and start pulling your fabric up to the stick & hot gluing it to the stem. 

As you're pulling the fabric up, you do a little fold over with the fabric since its round. 

Once all your fabric is glued to the stem, tie jute twine around and around while putting little dollops of hot glue down to help hole the twine in place around the stem. 

I love the rough shape of them! I tied jute twine around the pumpkin on one to make them different. That did give it more of a round shape.

These would make great little place card holders on a table setting for guests to take home on Thanksgiving! I think I'll be making more since I have more fabric in a vintage white design:)

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