Saturday, July 10, 2010

Buffet Table

My husband bought a new flat screen T.V. about two months ago witch didn't fit in our entertainment unit. SO....the hunt for a new T.V. stand STARTED! I was on craigs list about 5 times a day. I had a style in mind, but it had to be high enough so the boys wouldn't be able to tough the t.v., look good, & be easy on the wallet. I am in LOVE with the "House of Turquoise" blog

I figured I would find a piece of furniture that I would end up re-furbishing BUT.... When I came across this antique buffet table posted on craigs list at a thrift store about 30 min. away from me I was so EXCITED! It was the color I wanted, style I was looking for, & high enough that the t.v. would not be touched. This HUNT had been going on for about 3 wks. It was posted for $75!!!!
I bought it for $60!!!!
NOW...the top had marble laminate tiles & knew they could be removed but I wasn't sure of the surface that was going to be revealed. I was so eager to get started on removing the tiles that I forgot to take a picture of it before..oops

But this is what the tiles kind of looked looked cheap! About 12 of them 10" * 10" & it was a very sticky surface after that.
I was going to just build a new top for it...I'm liking the planked tops right now.... like this one

But.... I started chipping away at the top

Then lots & lots of sanding!!

I did put some nicks in it...ooopsy! But it had PLANKS =)

It sanded down BEAUTIFULLY!

Gave it a good coat of Wood Conditioning

And I LOVE IT!!!!!

I have to do something about the wires....

Now on to painting the living room & achieving the cozy feel I'm going for. Here are some inspiration photos with the look I'm liking =) From "House of Turquoise"

So the color pallet is...Turquoise, Camel (tan), & White

=) Thanks for Stoping by =)


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