Friday, August 27, 2010

Ugly Bulletin Board - No More

Our "bill" (bills) board has been driving me crazy for years. We have an AMAZING fabric store near us & the next time I go, I will take pictures of this warehouse. They offer free classes on Saturday mornings if you join there mailing list too.

"Home Fabrics & Rugs" Great Prices Too.
But anyways...There are hundreds of GORGEOUS fabrics to choose from & I knew I was going to cover that ugly cork board with something a little more catching to the eye :-)

A "before" shot that my little Landon took

An "after" shot that I took

NOW...I painted the frame before thinking this whole project through! The black will be gone over with some sort of "white" color now that I have thought about it (to match the table). But this is how it was done....very easy.

I bought 3/4 of a yard to do this, & it was plenty ($4.99 a yrd). I wasn't sure how I was going to make the fabric stay on at glue in corners, nail heads around the edge, staples..etc? But after cutting the fabric down to size, about a 1/4-1/2 in. around the entire came to me...if I could just tuck the excess fabric under the moulding, it would make this so easy!! I needed something Hard & Flat????

SO..take a butter knife around the edge & "push" it under.

I didn't need any glue, tacks, or tape. EASY, EASY & it's holding up just fine.

The hooks on the back were on the long side..removed & replaced on the short end.

It is now in our Kitchen covering the hideous electrical panel.

AND...It is now in use :-)

While searching for inspiration for this make over I came across a few really cute ideas. So this is not the end of my Bulletin Board transformation..LOL
"The Devine Home"

A really cool idea with stain

"Live Creating Yourself"
The nail head idea..but i already painted my frame

~ Enjoy ~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen Table for my Boy's

I had picked up a small kitchen table for FREE off of a while 6 poor husband. I am soooo one of those mothers that has projects that take FOREVER.

This table is just Perfect for us though. It has 2 drop down leaves on either end so when we're not using it, it doesn't take up to much space in the kitchen.

After much sanding...don't know what I would do without my palm sander

Some white semi gloss paint on the base & Minwax "Red Mahogany" on the top it now looks like this!!!That's my "made over" bulletin board above it. It covers up the electric panel. I'll post that make over NEXT (=

And the chair I got off of for FREE as well.

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