Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Thrifting

A few weeks ago I went to a couple of thrift stores off of Orange Ave. in Orlando. I had seen a few Antique pieces that I would LOVE to get my hands on, but I didn't see any prices on them. I went back today &.....I think I'll stick to buying off of Craigs List.


$275 This is the one I really want

4 Antique chairs that are $35 a piece...too much

And another dresser at another store that I have been watching for about 4 months started at $550!! What??? What ever happened to finding a deal at Thrift stores? Well it's now $171...still to much for me.

And this chair $ it's marked down to $25...still to much...I'll pay $10 for it. By the time I'm done reupholstering, painting, sealing, & time (time is money) it's pushing $60 with a $25 price tag. When I see it hit $ will be mine:-)

I did buy this cute little desk for $11. It has shelves in the back, nice legs, & it's solid wood. It's going to be in my "work area" in the garage.

AND...the last stop of the day! There are soooo many awesome pieces in this store.

I would like these chairs in a different fabric...$275 each...I'll pass

~ Till next time ~


Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Joe

As a child, "Little Women" was one of my favorite books. That's why I have named her "Joe." I wish I had this little beauty then. Just picture yourself as a little girl reading your favorite book rocking away on her.

Let me remind you of what she looked like "before"

It pained me some to paint an Antique, but I could see modern beauty in her as white.

I did some light distressing on the edges since she is an Antique:-) But I didn't want to much. I had planed on putting a glaze on her but the fabric I chose didn't really seem to be a fit with glaze??

I am soooooo in LOVE with little "Joe"
I will be selling her though:-( Next week I will be posting where I plan on selling all my refurbished furniture. And I will post a tutorial of the transformation of her.
~ Enjoy ~
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Monday, October 11, 2010

My First Day at our Local Farmer's Market

I have wanted to set up a booth at our local Farmer's Market for over a year now. I FINALLY did it! With 2 small boys, life just seems to happen & our "wants" get set aside. It's a sad little set up for now, but it will get better with time:-)

I'm a mother, a wife, work full time, & help my husband run his own business. For now it's more like my "business" is a hobby. But some day I hope to have a business that I can say I built.

Two of my signs SOLD:-)

~ Some signs I would like SELL ~

~ And a few candle holders ~

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