Friday, February 25, 2011

Painters Remorse

Okay, this is what this Antique chair looked like when I got it. The frame wasn't bad but I really didn't like the seat. My youngest son fell backwards in it one day while I was at work & broke the top piece off. I had to glue it back together & figured if there was any value left in the chair, it was now paint it??
Well, if you notice I found these roman numerals on the frame while I was priming it yesterday.
 It looks to be maybe chair # 12 of 24??  Maybe I shouldn't have painted it. Any one know anything about Antiques?  I think I may have just done something BAD...

To late now...I'm off to the fabric store today to find something for the seat. I will decide on a paint color for the frame once I choose the fabric.

~ Desiree ~

Friday, February 18, 2011


While scrolling through the blogs I follow yesterday, I saw Melinda's 2x4 craft @ UnderMyPolkaDotUmbrella. At the bottom of the post she said the first 5 people to comment would WIN the "LUCKY" vinyl. I was # 3!!!!

My first blog win..YEAAA:)

2x4 Scrabble Style

This Lucky project was inspired when Ucreate featured this project by Colour her {Hope}.

So cute! I had to do a St. Patrick's Day inspired one.

It makes me laugh to admit this but a lot of time when I go to blogs I just look at the pictures and then move on. Admitting that, I feel like one of those people who only looks at picture books...really I do read...books anyway :) This is one of those times there is a bonus for actually reading. The first 5 people to comment under this post get the vinyl for this project for FREE. If you are one of those lucky 5 email me your address (
If you have not stoped by UnderMyPolkaDotUmbrella you SHOULD!
~ Desiree ~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Side Table/Stand Make Over

My mother gave me this side table a few years ago & it has been moved from room to room MANY times. I don't really think she wanted me to re-finish it but I'm sorry mom...I HAD TO! This is what it looked like
In the middle of sanding
Sanded, primed, & stained
I stained the top with Red Mahgonay by was on hand from 2other projects HERE & HERE
Painted the base with some left over Gray paint & finished it off with a dry brush effect in white.

~ Desiree ~
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