Friday, December 14, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Tree

Last year I did the traditional red, green, and gold Christmas tree. Every year after Christmas I will buy a few items at 50%-75% off and pack them away for the following year. For some reason the purple and silver items were calling my name last year.
This year I put it all together!
After putting what I had bought from last year on the wasn't enough!
Off to the Dollar Tree I go and let me just tell you now, I think I am forming an addiction to the Dollar Tree!
What I picked up.

Large glittered plastic balls $1 each...they only had 6 of them in silver and I haven't seen any more:(
Eight bunches of silver flowers in different styles..$1 each.
Two packages of silver and gold glittered balls in different sizes. I only used the silver ones on the tree.
So a total of $16!
And I bought the purple and silver glittered doves and snowflakes at Walmart last year at 50% off of $2.97....four packages maybe $5-$6 for those.
OHHH...and how do you like my Mardi Gras purple beads that cut and put all over the tree??

I have to say it's nice for a change when I look at the tree this year:) 

I call this the SILVER room:)

Everything else around the house is red, green, and gold. I'll be posting more pictures this weekend.
BUT....come back for this Dollar Tree hand made acorn ornament. I am putting a tutorial together now:)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Branches

Using live greenery is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. I filled a white pot from a left over Edible Arrangement with tree clippings.
I have a medium sized planter by the front door and filled it with tree trimmings and hung ornaments from it.
I picked up the silver magnolia leaves a few years back at Pier-1 for like $2...along with our silver paper star!

I still had some branches left, so I filled up our outside planter with some....and a few pine cones:)

I am almost done with the live garland around the door....this year has been a supper busy year and I just can't seem to get caught up!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chalk Art

I have a slight obsession with chalk art right now! It's so fun creating something new every month.

I have started dabbling into photography and I recently used my Christmas chalk board for the shoot.

If you are looking for some chalk board inspiration, go follow my PINTEREST CHALK BOARD.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

No Sew Burlap Mini Stocking Garland

I wanted to make something easy to use as garland wrap around our Christmas tree this year and I came across this green burlap at Walmart.
Walmart has green burlap for $2.97 a yard!
I just sketched a stocking onto a piece of card stock and marked it out on the fabric.

Flip it over and make a match.

 I started to hand sew them....WAY to much work!

I just used my sons school glue. I'm not filling them with anything, so the glue should hold up. I'm sure you could use fabric glue too and would be able to put stuff in them.

Once it has tried, trim off the excess around the edges.

I LOVE Martha Stewart's craft line!! Paint, stencil, and glitter for the mini clothes pins to pin to the jute twine.

I use a stiff paint brush to stencil and do a "pouncing" stroke over the desired shape.

Now, I just have to make about 30 more to go around the tree!

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