Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dumpster Diving

So the other night a little after midnight I was still awake...I'm usually passed out by 10!
 I had passed this dumpster in a parking lot near my house for over a week and kept seeing a large door laying on top.
Seeing as how it was late enough that no one should be out in the parking lot, I went for it!

I am GLAD I did!

8' wood door in almost perfect condition. Along with a few other scrap wood pieces.
The very next day the dumpster was removed, so it was meant to be:)
My ceilings are 9'...thank god or it wouldn't have fit.

Please don't mind the mess all around. I'm in the midst of re-doing the dining room. I am working on re-finishing the dining room table. The fish tank that we now have our gecko in needs to find a new home, but I dont' have anymore room in our town house!!!

I'm going with a more Rustic, Vintage, Farmhouse feel for our dining room and the door will go PERFECTLY!

Source: Velvet and Linen/ David Offer Homes ~ From
How awesome are these doors?

My space is MUCH smaller than most so I know it won't really ever look like this picture...but a girl can dream right?

I just love this chippy orange one.

via: Design Sponge

Or, I would love to put it on a track to make it like a barn door!!

And of course Miss Mustard Seeds post on old doors for decorating!


And...when my mother has her wedding this year I will be helping with the decor. I SOOO plan on doing this with little desserts on it.


This idea is just Adorable!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wisteria Inspired Curvy Chest { Makeover }

If at first you don't succeed, try again...and AGAIN! Although I liked the original finish on this antique chest, I had to be true to myself and go with what is more ME. I had an image/idea of what I wanted this piece to look like and I had planned on selling it....I just might have to re-think that now:-)

I LOVE Wisteria and Restoration Hardware finishes and that is what I saw when looking at these pieces.

via Wisteria
via Wisteria

I consulted with Amy from The Salvage Collection about what to do with the chipping veneer and I couldn’t be more grateful for the advice on "let it show" it really does add character to it. She also sent ove some images of a piece she re-finished with a similar finish as a thought...Loved it!

Thank you Amy:)

This is what my low boy curvy chest looked like

 Pulled apart to strip, sand, and straighten the drawers out.

There is more to this set aswell.

This was my first attemt at this white wash finish. It had too many brush strokes in it for me.


And this is what she looks like now! You can still see the birds eye maple through the white wash but has a much more elegant feel to her.

 Some close ups of the wood tones.
 I changed out all the hardware to tear drop pulls from Hobby Lobby at $3.99 each.
I'm working on my dining room makeover and she now fits perfectly in this little alcove. 

I want to hang some vintage plates above her. As you can see in the full hight photo I have one already. $.67 cents at Faith Farm in Boynton Beach!! 

When I start the makeover on the next dresser I am going to try my hand at a video tutorial on white washing. I had a difficult time at achieving the look I was going for, so I am thinking it might be easier to try with a video tutorial.

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