Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adding Social Media Tabs to Your Facebook Page { how to }

I was recently trying to add the social media tabs to my Facbook page and it took me a couple of tries over the course of a couple of weeks. I had googled it a few times but wasn't really finding anything and I thought maybe it was something you had to on the other end of social site; like through Pinterest.

But yesterday I was able to figure it all out!!


OHH....and I figured out how to take a snapshot of my computer screen!  I'm starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of this "computer thing."

So, let's start with the Blog Tab

You will have to register your blog with NetworkedBlogs.
I had already done this part last year so you will have to just fill out the form....EASY.

1. go to the dashboard and at the bottom there is a "add to Facebook" key. Click on it and the "add page tab" bar will pop up.

2. select you business page in the drop down box. (I had already done this, so only my photography page would drop down).

3. click on your page and click on the "add page tab"

4. it will be highlighted in the bottom of your NetworkedBlogs dashboard. Click on it and a screen will pop up on your Facebook page.

5. the NetworkedBlog screen will come back and ask you to add your URL link in the box. Just copy and paste your HOME URL in the box. You may not need to do the copy paste par. It was hard for me to do the last step since I have already done this.

I hope this helps you out. Some of it may be different for you, since I had already done it.

Next Twitter

You will have to create an account and sign in.

1. click one the "Install" icon at the top right corner.

2. click on the Twitter tab and it will ask you to "log in" to your Facebook. Sign in and a page like this will pop up.

3. select your page and click the "add page tab"

4. you will now have a Twitter tab. Click on it and you will have a code (PageID #) on it. Copy that code and finish filling out the form on the Cirtified Seller page.

 It will look like this.

5. save your changes and you should be all set!

Up next Pinterest

I used 

On the left side bar near the bottom is a Pinterest Icon.

1. CLICK on it

It will look like this.

2. click on the "Install Pinterest Tab"

3. Your Facebook will pop up and Slect your Business page in the drop down box and click "Add Page Tab"

3. a page like this will pop up and add your Pinterest HOME PAGE name here. Mine was Desiree_guy

4. you will be able to chose how you want it to show up on your Facebook page.

5. And SAVE your settings!!

I did notice that you can add a Twitter tab from this site as well.

How to Change The Tabs Image

1. Now that you have everything linked up, you will be able to change the tab image by scrolling over the tab and clicking on the little pencil in the top right corner.

2. Click on it and click the "Edit Settings"

3. A window will pop up and click on the
"Custom Tab Image"
You will be able to upload an image of your choice for each tab.

Hope this helps some of you out!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Refinished Dining Room Set

I have finally finished the dining room set! I have a couple more of the cain chairs that came with it to refinish though...good enough for now:)

You would never believe I pulled this set out of the dumpster!!!


I still need to paint that back wall.

I bought those two claw foot chairs at a thrift store a while back for $8 each! LOVE  THEM!! I refinished those two in a light blue.

In the pictures the blue chairs appear more like a bright blue but they're not.

I reupholster the four chairs in a linen like fabric.

A shot of the BEFORE!

I had a hard time finding some BEFORE was so ugly that I tried to never get a full shot of the set!!

A shot of the mid way point!!

You can see more of the table refinishing in this POST.



I like mismatched chairs with dining room sets. It gives it a less formal feeling.

~ These are some of my inspiration photos ~

Via Pinterest ~ Unknown

Via Pinterest ~ Unknown
Via Sara Richardson
Via Our Humble Abode

Via House of Turquoise

What do you think?? I think my husbands not a fan...a little too girlie for him.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hitting The Bottles

The bottle business is keeping me BUSY! Along with it being summer and I have been on the go with my two boys:)


This one was a custom order for four Halloween inspired labels.

The Crown Royal bottle was an order for TWO of them:)

And this lovely one with the bird and swirl on it was made to match my client/friends logo!

She is an AMAZING wedding photographer in St. Augustine Florida. If you would like check out some Gorgeous wedding photos go to

I have two more custom orders that I'm working on now plus two bottles that sold in my Etsy Shop.

I have finished the dining room set and I am hoping to stage and photograph it later today:)

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