Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Pallet Floating Shelves { Tutorial }

I have quite a stack of pallet "rails" from deconstructing pallets.
NO, I don't toss them! I have many ideas for them and I finally put one to the test over the weekend.
Pallet Floating Shelves:)




Now, I need to get some new frames and go through the 1 million photos of our boys and get prints done.....that will be the fun part!
I want to paint that little cabinet a soft yellow still and I am looking for the right rug (cost effective.) I have my eye set on a new couch from Ikea too!
I am happy with this SLOW transformation of our family room though!!
Okay, The How To:

You will need Keyhole Hangers, Screws, and Anchors.
Make sure your screws fit "inside" of the keyhole hooks and rest on them.
TIP: I just hammerd the nails in on the back side of board.....WAY to hard to pull them out! The nails left on the front side, I left them and painted right over them. You will now have a place to hang holiday decor.

Layout where you want your hooks and boar out a hole for the screws to go inside the keyhole hooks.

You will want to make pilot holes for the screws so you don't split your board.

Screw your keyhole hooks on, I used one on each end of my pallet boards.
When I held my new shelves up I placed a level on it and marked the wall.
Now pilot out holes on your wall for the plastic anchors and hammer them in. Put the screws in and leave them sticking out about 1/8 of an inch so the keyhole hook will catch it.
Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of this part:(
I am IN LOVE with them!! I want more throughout my house:)
Total Cost: $6.78!!
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Tips for Halloween Decor

I have two boys that LOVE creepy and scary Halloween decor!
The first thing to do TIP 1: Is choose a STYLE. Ours is SPOOKY...

Every year after Halloween & Christmas I will buy decor that goes on sale for 50%-75% off. I limit myself to $50 though:)
I don't decorate the WHOLE house! TIP 2: Pick a few areas and fill it up.

TIP 3: Use your china.....white, and black items.

I used white webs, black webs, than put your selected items up and add moss. On the dining room table two different colored torn cloths, than the items, than add webs to the top of it all.
Which brings us to TIP 5: NATURE....moss, sticks, pine cones.

Last year I spray painted some large pine cones black and hung them from the chandelier. This year I switched it up. My son has collected several skulls so, I placed them all together on one table.
Try going "up" with your decor. The chandelier, hand stuff from the ceiling, curtain rods, etc.

TIP 7: Randomly place things

 I put spiders on the plates and than scattered other larger items around the table.

Spray painted black pumpkin with silver thumb tacks.
 Extra large spider.
Are you ready to go decorate for Halloween now??
Hope this helped and inspired you:)
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