Monday, November 26, 2012

No Sew Burlap Mini Stocking Garland

I wanted to make something easy to use as garland wrap around our Christmas tree this year and I came across this green burlap at Walmart.
Walmart has green burlap for $2.97 a yard!
I just sketched a stocking onto a piece of card stock and marked it out on the fabric.

Flip it over and make a match.

 I started to hand sew them....WAY to much work!

I just used my sons school glue. I'm not filling them with anything, so the glue should hold up. I'm sure you could use fabric glue too and would be able to put stuff in them.

Once it has tried, trim off the excess around the edges.

I LOVE Martha Stewart's craft line!! Paint, stencil, and glitter for the mini clothes pins to pin to the jute twine.

I use a stiff paint brush to stencil and do a "pouncing" stroke over the desired shape.

Now, I just have to make about 30 more to go around the tree!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Red Chair Makeover

The chair BEFORE.
I had to glue two pieces back together in the seat part and this is my "this will do" way....rope and a bungee cord.
I have taken a step into the photography world and I need some props for photos. I will be using this chair on Tuesday for a photo shoot.

I used Krylon Dual spray paint and primer in one.
Color: Banner Red
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frosted Patron Flower Vase

I wish I could find more time to blog! I do a lot of little things throughout the week. I am going to try posting more pictures and less tutorials :)

This is a simple frosted Patron bottle and I painted chalkboard paint on it for a label.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Rack {Tutorial}

We live in a two story town house and call me lazy, but I have toothbrushes for all of us in our half bath down stairs. I HATE going up and down our stairs!
I had them in a Christmas can from two years ago! Time for something NEW:)
I have a ton of Mason Jars and wood, so I put this together. I have a small vertical wall space next to the sink and I made our toothbrush holder from a piece of.....what else PALLET wood!
I laid it all out to see how it would look and work.

I picked up those great little clamps around the Mason Jar at Home Depot in the plumbing isle (size 2").

I had to pry open one of the slits to make it wide enough for a screw. I used a VERY unsafe tool for that and went right into my finger!

Screw your jars in and it's ready to hang!


Making over the half bath is on my list TO DO! This will be the starting point:)
I love this though! I want a couple more for my kitchen to fill with herbs.
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