Friday, December 14, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Tree

Last year I did the traditional red, green, and gold Christmas tree. Every year after Christmas I will buy a few items at 50%-75% off and pack them away for the following year. For some reason the purple and silver items were calling my name last year.
This year I put it all together!
After putting what I had bought from last year on the wasn't enough!
Off to the Dollar Tree I go and let me just tell you now, I think I am forming an addiction to the Dollar Tree!
What I picked up.

Large glittered plastic balls $1 each...they only had 6 of them in silver and I haven't seen any more:(
Eight bunches of silver flowers in different styles..$1 each.
Two packages of silver and gold glittered balls in different sizes. I only used the silver ones on the tree.
So a total of $16!
And I bought the purple and silver glittered doves and snowflakes at Walmart last year at 50% off of $2.97....four packages maybe $5-$6 for those.
OHHH...and how do you like my Mardi Gras purple beads that cut and put all over the tree??

I have to say it's nice for a change when I look at the tree this year:) 

I call this the SILVER room:)

Everything else around the house is red, green, and gold. I'll be posting more pictures this weekend.
BUT....come back for this Dollar Tree hand made acorn ornament. I am putting a tutorial together now:)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Branches

Using live greenery is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. I filled a white pot from a left over Edible Arrangement with tree clippings.
I have a medium sized planter by the front door and filled it with tree trimmings and hung ornaments from it.
I picked up the silver magnolia leaves a few years back at Pier-1 for like $2...along with our silver paper star!

I still had some branches left, so I filled up our outside planter with some....and a few pine cones:)

I am almost done with the live garland around the door....this year has been a supper busy year and I just can't seem to get caught up!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chalk Art

I have a slight obsession with chalk art right now! It's so fun creating something new every month.

I have started dabbling into photography and I recently used my Christmas chalk board for the shoot.

If you are looking for some chalk board inspiration, go follow my PINTEREST CHALK BOARD.

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