Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some Past Crafts

My Halloween wreath, made from sticks that the boys & I collected at the park.

The front of our house at Halloween
Center piece candle holders made from old Starbucks glasses. Filled with acorns that the boys gathered for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Time....

don't mind the pile of stuff by the door

I picked up these 2 lawn ornaments at Good Will for $7 each.

And my glittered giant pine cones....

Winding Red & Gold

And the FUN part!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Child's Rocking Chair Tutorial

To my new follower's, Welcome! Thank you for the support:) I have been supper busy with my two son's birthdays, Thanksgiving, & now Christmas!!
But here is the transformation.
More Before & After Photo's can be found HERE: Removed the caning, sanded her down, & filled in some places with paintable/stainable wood filler. See the top left hand side...

Primed her with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x Primer. 1 can of Primer, 2 cans of "white" Spay Paint, & 1 can of Gloss Clear for a sealer.

For the seat. I made a template out of newspaper, traced it onto 1/4" MDF & cut it out with the jig-saw. Now, since this is a child's chair I used 1/4" If this was an adult seat I would use a thicker piece of MDFSome of my fabric choices.....

I Loved the Salmon & Gray Floral ones, but they didn't go well with the size of the small chair. The patterns are to adult-ish.

Try laying your fabric out before you decide on one. You might like the design of one, but it may not suite your piece of furniture well. I wish I had photo's of the 2 other fabric choices on the chair...they didn't go well.For the cushion part, I traced out the same seat pattern onto a piece of 1" foam.

I did cover the cushion with batting, then the fabric, & staple gunned the fabric to the MDF. It can be a little tricky. Folding the fabric over it's self worked best.

Screw the seat to the chair from the under side. I used screws that are flat on the end & pre-drill your holes before you screw the seat down. This will help remove some the foam & batting. And your DONE!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Thrifting

A few weeks ago I went to a couple of thrift stores off of Orange Ave. in Orlando. I had seen a few Antique pieces that I would LOVE to get my hands on, but I didn't see any prices on them. I went back today &.....I think I'll stick to buying off of Craigs List.


$275 This is the one I really want

4 Antique chairs that are $35 a piece...too much

And another dresser at another store that I have been watching for about 4 months started at $550!! What??? What ever happened to finding a deal at Thrift stores? Well it's now $171...still to much for me.

And this chair $ it's marked down to $25...still to much...I'll pay $10 for it. By the time I'm done reupholstering, painting, sealing, & time (time is money) it's pushing $60 with a $25 price tag. When I see it hit $ will be mine:-)

I did buy this cute little desk for $11. It has shelves in the back, nice legs, & it's solid wood. It's going to be in my "work area" in the garage.

AND...the last stop of the day! There are soooo many awesome pieces in this store.

I would like these chairs in a different fabric...$275 each...I'll pass

~ Till next time ~


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