Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Garden Pallet

I finished up my second garden pallet yesterday! The first one can be found HERE. I needed a little more "fun" with this one, so I painted the center planks a different color and added a wall hanging that I picked up at the thrift store for $2.98.
This one was to block the A/C unit.
A shot with the neighbors unit....much better covered up!!
The plaque I picked up at the thrift store. I think I'm going to change the color on it though!!

I painted mine laying down and went over the yellow paint with the green I used while it was still wet to tone down the yellow a little.
Propped it up and lined up my stakes with the back planks from the pallet.

I drilled some holes right in the frame and placed my lanterns again.

I have had a lot of responses to the FIRST ONE I made and one of the questions was, how to make it sturdy?

I had on hand some PT stakes that I had bought a while back, it was a bundle of 10-12 for like $6. I found them at Home Depot in the lumber department.
Now, this is NOT very sturdy, but the placement that I have mine in they don't need to be. If you wanted them more sturdy I would suggest making some stakes out of 2x4's or use some re-bar.
Place a shim on the top and hammer in the stake to your desired height and strength. The piece of wood helps not split your wood when your using the hammer to the top of  it.

Screw the stakes to the back and paint it to match.

My flower box fell off of the first one so I'm going to paint something on the piece of wood that is still there.

Hope this answers some questions:)

~ Desiree ~
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Friday, July 15, 2011


  Okay...a little bit behind this make over. Kathy is a dear friend of mine, I first met her about 5 years ago in Cocoa Fl. She was my first horse boarder when I started a boarding facility. We just "clicked" the second we met....she is A HUGE barrel racer and COWGIRL!

That's my oldest son, Landon at 2 years old ridding Kathy's horse..Lil' Bit
And my baby Tanner at that time...he's now almost 4

I will be doing a post next week of ALL the other stuff I did for this Cowgirl's House :))) And a little more behind the CAC 
"True Hollywood Story"....haha
The "before" shots of three items Kathy had me re-finish for her. I have more pic's coming of her mini house re-model that I did in TWO DAYS! It takes me months to get anything done in my house...LOL
My husband LOVES this rocking chair. When I pulled it inside to finish it he was like, "you took my chair."
 Magazine Rack
Foot Stool

Some shots of the process....
  Pulled her horse fabric off & re-applied it a little neater.
Painted....I mix all my stuff in old coffee tubs, you can put the lid back on and the paints still good for you at a latter date!
My home made Moca Glaze
 I love the little feet on this stool

The magazine rack...



And last but not least....MY FAVORITE makeover so far!!! 
The Rocking Chair

 The whole set put together!!!
More fun stuff coming next week!

~ Desiree ~
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