Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pallet Growth Chart

I picked up another pallet when I was down south to see my husband loves it when I come home with pallets in the back of my!
I've used up all of my scrap wood, so I knew I needed more. Pulled it all apart with keeping most of the pieces still intact.

This one had some "straps" on it?
I pulled the straps off and thought they might come in handy some day...I never through anything away!

The very next day I was on Pinterest and came across this picture...and I am now a new follower of this FABULOUS blog
Now, I had store bought wood sitting in the garage that I was about to use....when an idea came to me.

I just LOVE seeing what can be done with pallet wood:) I even got to use one of the straps that I pulled off.
 Layed the two pieces that choose out and sanded them.

Hamered that strap to the two pieces and held it up.

It is a little "buckelly" in that spot but I'm okay with it.
Stained it with MinWax Special Walnut.
 you can see how it buckles here.

 I measured out every FOOT and marked it with a sharpie.  Like my hot pink craft tape measure...I can't seem to find my tape measure...AGAIN!
Next I used my T Square to make strait lines with Sharpie Paint Pen in a medium point.

 After I had all the "foot" lines done I went on to do the one inch lines with every THIRD line being a little longer.

I didn't think the bottom through and I need to trim the end a few inches to make it right, but I LOVE it!!

Decorative and Functional:)

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Mommy's Favorite - Martha Stewart

I went to Micheal's today to buy a paint pen and left with something I just couldn't RESIST! Martha Stewarts NEW craft line of multi-surface paint and stencils.

The tube of paint was $1.39 & I used my 50% off coupon for the stencil which brought the stencil to $8.50, so for $9.89 I am going to have SO MUCH FUN this weekend stenciling something!

Print your 50% off coupon HERE this coupon expires 9-17, tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cork Play

A little something I made for my Etsy shop.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Mother's Landscaping

Over the Memorial weekend I went down to see my mother and her husband in West Palm Beach to help with some landscaping. My mother has 6 acres in Wellington, so the out door projects truly never end there.

 My van loaded up with plants from Lowe's. I like buying plants from Lowe's or Home Depot because of their 1 Year garentee! If your plant dies within a year you can get your money back or a new plant, the perenials are a 90 day garentee! Although nursery's have more selections of plants I have yet to find one that will replace your plant if it dies within a year.

The macho ferns I planted last year have doubled in size. I just LOVE these! So full and lush.

My mother planted this orcid in the tree three years ago and it has bloomed every year since then!

An air plant in the tree out side of her back patio.

Laying out a hedge along the side of the house.

Her Square Foot Garden being re-planted next to the house.

This tree was bought last year as well. It should top out at about 12' so it's a relitively small tree and that's what we wanted for the corner of the house.
The leaves and branches are delicate and fine and when in bloom it has small yellow flowers. When the wind blowes this tree is just beautiful to watch.

The landscaping in not yet finished around this tree but soon will be.

The front entrance that is being worked on now. The plan is put in a picket fence in front and maybe an arbor.

Laying out the plants.
The barrels will be hooked up for rain barrels.

I like the Pine Bark Nuggets over mulch, I think it has a more natural look and feel.

I can't wait to see these palnts fill out especially the large Alocasia.

A picket fence will be put in the back side with a walkway behind this island.

When I do any planting I always use a fertilizer in the bottom of the hole and around the plant after planting. Osmocote is a GREAT fertilizer that won't BURN your plants...some fertilizer can burn your plants if you put to much down.

Rolled over my hole with landscaping fabric to help prevent weeds from coming through.
Use landscaping pins to hold the fabric down along the edges.

I cut an "x" in the fabric over the hole and placed the plant in.

The hedge runs into this little island that is being filled in with plants gradually.

And see that little gap left in the hedge??  This cute little arbor was bought to go there and will have some kind of vine growing plant on either side.

A bench was purchased as well to go in this area.
And the next visit I'll help start the sitting garden that is going behind the hedge we put in...around the veggie beds.

Some helpers that I had while doing all of this.

And my little Tanner....watering everything for me.

It's getting there!!!

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