Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Goody Bags

I'm very proud of myself for getting a little crafty for my sons class Halloween party on Monday. I have made personalized goody bags for each child plus three teachers:)
See my sons name on the label in a fun Halloween font? I wish I had my color printer hooked up for the tags but that would have required me to go buy ink for it much work! 
I used my craft scissors to cut the top of the bags off, the orange strip, and the labels. Landon punched out the stars and I printed out the
"Happy Halloween"
I didn't have to buy anything but the candy!! I just used some left over bags, pulled out my  scrapbook supplies and had fun making them with my son.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spray Painted Pumpkins, Pine Cones, & Chalk Board Paint

Life is SUPPER busy right now, so I'm just posting up some photo's of random stuff (crafts) that happened throughout the last couple of weeks with my children.

Feather boa turned into a wreath, spray painted large pine cones and hung them from the chandelier.

I FINALLY bought some chalk board paint and it works fabulously!!  Check out the pumpkins we spray painted and thumb tacked up!!

What the pumpkins looked like before...

 I can't wait to get through Halloween so I can start the Christmas stuff:)

OHHH...I made some of these!!
French Toast Cupcakes....delish!!

I found them on Pinterest and had to try them...I only ate TWO though, talk about sugar and butter OVERLOAD:)))

(via Sweet Stella's)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy Orders

I've been working on a couple custom Etsy orders over the past week. I am SOO thrilled with the way the starfish have turned out. The periwinkle color is a little darker in the pictures than in person though.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Shingle Display

I had a couple of ideas on how I was going to display my vintage shingle and I went with the white washed pallet planks. At first I was thinking of a picture frame and since I have several picture frames laying around; I was going to put it in the middle of an emty frame on the wall. I thought about it a little more and saw white washed boards for some reason:)

Some times you might have a vision for something but when you put it all together it's not quite right, this one was just RIGHT!

SOOO Loving it!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Antiquing & Thrifting

I did a little thrifting & antiquing yesterday. I wasn't really looking for anything...I just like to go look. I came across an old crate full of old shingles. The color on them is just beautiful with a little rust that goes  so well with the turquoise color on the shingle.

If your ever in the Orlando area stop by
 Art Angels Arts & Antique Market

My husband is out of town this week and once again has the good camera...I think I might need to buy another Nikon..hehehe:)

I have a couple of ideas on how I'm going to display this shingle...I'm SOO in love with it! I might need to go buy a few more:)

I bought three sheets of sheet music, $1 each. I wish I could have bought more but that would have added up quickly. I went on Ebay and I think I can buy a 6-9 book lot for about $5-10!!

Does anyone know the most economical way to buy vintage sheet music??

I went to my favorite HUGE thrift store, not much there this visit. I did come across this bird cage with a flat back for $3 though, SOLD!

Not sure what I will do with it just yet, I'm thinking I'll add it to my photo wall and maybe spray paint it black.

It reminded me of this photo on Pinterest.
Bird Cage

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mice, Bats, & Skellingtons for Halloween

I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart and I found this mouse craft on her site.

A fun, FREE way to make decorations for Halloween.

It said to use black construction paper but I didn't have any on hand, so I improvised.

Using the same technique I used for the BATS, brown paper bag and color them in with a sharpie.

You can print the MICE SILHOUETTES HERE.

My four mice templates cut out.

Like my little mouse hole I made:)

I put more of those creepy cloths up from the dollar store.

The view coming down the stairs.

YES...I'm still working on that desk from HERE. I'm making some stuff to but on top of the desk the rest of this week and I will get some pictures up this weekend.

I'm adding more decorations EVERY day!!

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