Monday, October 3, 2011

$1 Streamer Mummy Craft

Do you ever have an idea and go with it, but it's not really what you pictured? Please don't laugh at my home made mummy!! I thought it would be fun to make it with the kids but it was a little harder than I thought, they did have fun wrapping it all up though!

This project only cost me $1 for the (2) pack of steamer paper at the Dollar Tree.

My new table runner from Kohl's with my $10 off coupon and 15% off coupon....ended up costing me $4.13!

I had everything for this project accept the streamer paper & that can be bought for a $1 at the Dollar Tree (2 rolls)!

What I used:
1. Bamboo Skewers
2. Foil
3. Newspaper
4.Pot & flower foam
5. Streamer Paper

the rest of the photo's are poor quality, due to my husband took the good camera...sorry!
 Made a head by crumpling up some newspaper and wrapping foil around it to hold it all together.
 Put two bamboo skewers up in the head.
 Wrap more newspaper around the skewers and wrap foil around it.

Just keep doing this till you form a body and I just held a newspaper arm up to the body and wrapped the foil around it in a criss cross pattern to hold them in place...if that makes any sense.

Once the body was formed, I put another bamboo skewer up the center and into the flower foam to make it stand up. this point, the head is WAY to big but I am too far into this project to turn back!!!

Put newspaper in the pot to hold it all in place.
Party steamer paper in white.

I cut it in half the long way due to the size of my mummy. I think 1" paper is to wide for the size of him.

Making lots of paper strips.
And get to wrapping!!  I did have to use some tape in places to hold it together. And with some of the pieces that hang off, I riped them to give the mummy a more torn look.

For the bats I just used an old paper's nice and stiff. Traced out a larger bat and free handed the two smaller ones.

 Color them in with a black sharpie.

I let the kids do this part:) Be sure to place your bat on top of newspaper when the children are coloring the bats though.

 Fold the wings back a little to give it some depth.

 And use some double sided tape on the back side to put them on your mummy.

My little skeleton men that are $1 for four from the Dollar Tree...last years purchase.
I made more of them for the wall as well!!  SO in LOVE with them!
NOW...the dinning room table is still a work in progress and you will be seeing more pictures of it:)

Stay tuned for more FREE craft ideas that we are doing all this week!!!

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  1. TOOOO Cute! True story!---I was going to go out to pinterest later this morning and see what I could make for halloween or fall crafts using my left over WHITE CRATE PAPER STREAMERS!

    Guess THIS is the post I should try!! Thanks for the heads up! (Oh, and the ghost's head ISN'T too big-- he HAS a big head cuz he's so stinkin' cute!)

    Visiting from Midwestern Sewing Girl's EVERYTHING HALLOWEEN linky party today :D
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I could see in the finished mummy how much fun you and your kids had. Wonderful and creative and cheap. Win win win!


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