Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birdcage Planters

About five years ago (I can't believe it's been that long) my friend and I went to Rockledge Gardens in Brevard County. It was a fun day trip with lots of beautiful plants. I have noticed going to privately owned nursery's are good for garden inspiration.

While we were there ,I saw this!!
 I took these photo's LONG before I ever blogged, so sorry for the poor shots...I just spent two hours going through old photo's trying to find these!
 This was hanging from the greenhouse ceiling and stood at about 5'.

It was filled with air plants, orchids, ferns, bromeliads, and moss.

After leaving there we (or just I) were on a mission!
I needed a birdcage!

After hitting up a few garage sales I found two small cages for $3.

It's kind of funny that I found a large birdcage just like this one at one of our stops for $50. I talked the guy down to $40 but after looking at it for a little longer my husband would have KILLED me if I came home with a 5' birdcage and asking him to suspend it from one of our trees!

This is what mine looked like...5 years ago.
VERY old shots!

I'm getting ready to re-do them again. I spray painted them turquoise last year and I'm WAY over the bright color thing this year.

How I Planted Mine

I used a couple to-go containers from take out. Cut the lid off and put a few drain holes in the bottom.

Fill with soil and plant your plants.

Here are a few I found on the web.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Round Up of Things

I've been working on my birds eye maple dresser.
Not sure if I just messed it up though?!?!?!

I was trying to let the wood grain show through ...didn't really work.

The wedding and baby shower's are over and I'm glad to get back to DIY'ing!
This is a full shot of the custom chalkboard I made for the wedding. My inspiration can be found in this POST.

 I made these "I Do" birds for the wedding, so each of them could hold one while I take a picture of them kissing....but I didn't get that shot:(

I received a few additions for the craft room!!

 Embroidery machine & a serger

They were my husband's grandmother's....not sure how to use them just yet :)
 Picked up these magazine holders in gray and yellow at the dollar spot in Target! Love them! A $1 each:)
 Took some of my husbands tool trays that he wasn't using from the garage and they fit perfectly in the little about that unfinished underside?

With Spring here, I have a few projects that I did a few years back that I want to share....before I ever blogged:)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wannabe Photographer

Like many bloggers do, I have fallen in love with photography! I am not even close to being a "photographer" but I am enjoying practising and doing little photo side jobs for friends.

Well....this weekend is the big day for me!!

I will be shooting a wedding!

I am EXTREMELY nervous and afraid that I won't get any good shots!

The wedding is at 6:00 p.m. and have not done a lot of low light shots.

I have been talking to other photographers and watching a TON of Youtube videos.

I am putting together some props and decorations for the wedding though. I would much rather be doing the decor!!

You will have to wait to see the whole thing.

This was my inspiration.
via Style Me Pretty

I have several tree stumps still...knowing they would come in handy some day. That day has come!

via Style Me Pretty

via Style Me Pretty

I have been reading Style Me Pretty for some time now. It's a wedding site with lots of photos, DIY wedding decor, and much more. If you want to look at beautiful wedding photos and get some inspiration; go check it out.
Prepping for this shoot, work, Etsy shop, and mother/wife duties have kept me VERY busy the past two weeks!!

I can't wait to be done and get back to my To Do list.

I will leave you with some pictures that I took of my son a few weeks ago to practice.
 It was really windy this day and my son was not happy about taking you can tell!

The last two are my Favorite!

Please keep your fingers crossed that I get some good shots!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Soap Pump Conversion

First you will need a REALLY sharp knife AND BE CAREFUL!!
I cut around the ENTIRE cork to "loosen" the top from the bottom.

You will have about 5-6 slices going down.

At this point you can now cut or pull the top part of the cork from the bottom part.
TIP: drill a hole in one side, not going through the other end. Then turn your cork around and drill THROUGH. I found that this helped with making "strait center" hole. The first time I did this it went out the side wall at the end.
Gradually move your bit around to make a LARGE may need to do this a few times to get it tight enough without ripping the cork open.

Then slide your pump down into the cork and push it all the way to the top of the pump.

And as for some other bottles...the pumps just screw on!

A Jager and mini Smirnoff bottle.

And this was a custom order that I did....I LOVE the idea's I get from customers. I'm doing another set right now for "soap" and "lotion"

You can find the pumps in this post HERE.
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