Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dollar Tree Wall Bats

When I came across the Bat Cut Outs at the Dollar Tree I couldn't believe it!
I'll have another great Dollar Tree Halloween post next week too!
With a little inspiration and imagination you can tweak Dollar Tree goodies.

I've made some in the past but over the years but they have gotten torn and bent. So 15 of them for a $1 was a score! You could always add more to the collection if you wanted to.

via Country Living

via Country Living

I cut off the little nose on some of them and if you wanted to you could cut off the feet as well.

If you do an accordion fold to the wings it will give them a 3D effect. 

I used Sticky Tack for the back and placed them randomly on the wall. 

Supper simple and love the look!
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Wreath

I'm not a big fan of the bright orange and brown Fall wreaths you see in a lot of stores this time of year and I don't think I will ever get over grape vine wreaths either! I own about six of them and still need more...hehe

I started out by making all the fabric flowers from scrap fabric and yellow burlap. I used YouTube to find a couple videos on how to make them and went with it.

I randomly placed the flowers along the bottom adding some yellow paper flowers from Michael's to fill in some small holes. I didn't want waste a 4" piece of burlap so I turned it into a bow and added a little grey wooden button to the center. It matched perfectly with grey fabric I used!  

Here the items I ended up using...minus the wheat on the ends.
1. yellow burlap: Hobby Lobby
2. jute twine
3. small clothes pins: Target $1 spot
4. canvas banner: Hobby Lobby
5. yellow flowers: Michael's $1.50 spot
6. button: Michael's $1.50 spot
7. metal letters: given to me 

I hot glued the metal latters to the canvas banner and trimmed them in jute as well to make them pop. Added yellow flowers at the top for a little color.
There you have it!
Simple and fun wreath for Fall.
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