Thursday, September 21, 2017

Farmhouse Chic Fall Table Scape 2017

End of the year holidays are my favorite! This is our first Fall season in our new home and of course I want to go all out on the decorating. Where else better to start, than the dining room table.
The colors in this room are blues, greens, white & gray. Very neutral colors. I love using fresh vegetables or fruits to decorate, so I decided to go with artichokes this year.

If you use fresh vegetables or fruit, you will have to place them out the day of company to keep their fresh appearance.

I layered the table with a piece of vintage fabric with yellow flowers. I felt it added a little bit the traditional Fall colors to the table.

After the table cloth went down, I laid 4 faux olive branches down in a X pattern. Then placed three wooden tree logs over the Olive branch stems to hide them. I then placed the three larger pumpkins on top of the tree logs and used faux Eucalyptus to go in and out of the large pumpkins. Then start layering with smaller pumpkins or pine cones and stuck the artichokes into random places where they fit in best around the tree logs.

By adding multiple layers to the center piece, it adds depth, interest and different textures.

I only had two of the wicker chargers for the head of the place settings, so I used two natural colored wood wreaths from the Dollar Tree as chargers! I love how well the two different textures compliment each other with being the same color. Not bad for $2!!  

A beautiful table scape doesn't need to cost a lot. Think about using greenery from outside, fresh fruits or vegetables that will be eaten after, fabric instead of a table cloth, inspiration is all around your home already!  

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