Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Projects

Okay...every time I log on to post something, I end up reading all the GREAT blogs I follow. So this will be a short post with a look at all the projects that I have going on :-)

Landon's Big Boy Room
wish i had a "before" shot

I picked up those 2 pieces of a bunk bed off of Craig's list for FREE! The book case with drawers & a desk. There both in great shape & I will be either staining them to match the bed. Or painting them...I'm just trying to get some inspiration for a color.
A few chairs

craigs list again...$10 for 2 chairs. I don't know what I would do without my Van!!! This Adorable antique child's rocking chair. I have taken the ripped seat out & she is patiently awaiting my return to her. I am currently working on a new fabric seat for her.
But look at those BEAUTIFUL curves :-) I LOVE the arms on her.

You don't even want to see what my little one has done to this chair now!!! I could cry:-(

I rescued this one from a I saw it upside down with the legs sticking out the top. She is a little broken up top...but I love the detail on her & she is very sturdy. I will do something with her.

And last but not least..... I picked these up yesterday. FREE head board & foot board!!! Not 1 but 2!

What am I going to do with these you ask? A little sneak peak at what they will be.

A bench!! I can't wait to do this project!!! And I'm off to a good start on the budget.

~ Enjoy ~

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