Thursday, February 16, 2012

Up-Cycled Soap Dispensers { Patron Bottles }

I have been taking Patron bottles home with me from work for some time now because I think they are just to pretty to through away! I started using the Patron bottles for vases and I gave several to my mom. The bottles look really nice in a grouping and I have a stock pile for decorating for others parties and such.

I got to thinking....what else can I do with these??

Soap Dispenser!

Now, you can see in the second photo my mini Patron bottle with nothing painted on it and it's cute but I wanted a little more "something" to them.
This one is SOLD!
Vintage Labels!!!

So I am now hand painting vintage inspired soap labels on the bottles.
It takes a VERY STEADY hand to paint glass and even more so doing lines and letters.

On to the PUMPS!! I am very pleased with the pumps I found online from One Dream Design. They offer
 several different styles and finishes.
Image via

The two that I liked most and bought are "bronze bird head" pictured above and the "modern heavy duty flat head bronze" pictured below.
Image via

The pumps arrived in 3 days, supper sturdy, and large enough to go well with the size of the liquor bottles!
A friend of mine custom ordered a Jagermeister and a mini Smirnoff bottle one and the pumps just simply screwed right on!

Square Label

Bronze Bird Head Model from

Star Label

I just love everything about these!!

Circle Label

I will be doing a full tutorial on how I made these very soon!

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  1. They are so adorable! Do they sale a foam pump?

  2. Looking forward to the tutorial! Those are adorable!

  3. OK. I LOVE these!! Not sure I'll have an opportunity to get these bottles, but they do look awesome!

  4. how did you screw the pump on with out threaded glass?

  5. OMG now i have a reason to drink more them

  6. Wow Great Idea step by step Thanks for sharing. Great job.


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