Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm trying frantically to get the house cleaned, pack, finish up some projects, and do something with my plants out side before I head to my mothers in West Palm for Easter.

I'm watering some of my potted plants twice a day right now to keep them from drying out. When I go out of town I bring them into the house. 
 Finished up dying my large bottles that I did HERE

My "Little Lovely" she's almost done!! I am going to try to get one more post in before I leave town with some more photos of this desk.
  Since I'm going to my mothers I thought I would share some pictures that I took when I was down for thanksgiving. 
The front of her house, So charming :)
 With each visit that I do, I help with the landscaping around the house.
With this visit we'll start on the front.
I did the back during my last two visits.

Added plants to her empty
My mothers house sits on three acres and she has three acres next to her. It's horse country; that's what I grew up doing, horses :))
Thanksgiving table scape can be seen HERE

Some of the houses in her neighborhood.
One of the barns.
Riding Ring

Another Barn
My mom has three ponies, but I can't find any pictures of them :(

 ~ Happy Easter ~

~ Desiree ~

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