Friday, April 15, 2011


I have been collecting mason jars and other types of glass for some time now. I actually received 3 really beautiful blue glass vases off of freecycle two years ago and think that's what started my obsession with glass jars.
I'm SOOO in love with these BIG blue bottles.


Hanging Inspiration
This would be so nice on the back porch. From WEDDING BEE

Now for my jar collection......well some of my collection :)
I'm working on painting some bottles and jars with Vitrea Transparent Glass Color in turquoise. I did a mason jar and wine bottle today; I'm VERY happy with the way they turned out.
One advantage to working in a restaurant, is I get to take the pretty bottles home without having to drink all that liquor.
two used Patron bottles (the square ones)....I love the shape of these.
the shape of this one is cool too...I have my plant cuttings taking root in it for now. I haven't pulled the label off yet.
And I've been collecting the wine corks
The trees & house on the Belvedere bottle look really nice lit up at night. I'm not to sure what I'm going to do with them yet.

If I could figure out how to do this, I would give it a try.

flattened (source)
Any how, back to coloring bottles
And a Mason Jar
I have this big jug that was from Sangria, that I will be dying tomorrow.
(the one on the right)
the inside was still wet...i was cleaning it out

How I did it
I gave the bottle of paint a good shake, wait a minute then open the bottle of paint. There will be paint in the cap, add some water to the cap, swirl it and pour it into your bottle. I had to pour the water back into the cap and give it a swirl about 3 times to get all the paint out of the cap.

Then I did A LOT of this: about ever 15-30 min or when I saw the bottle sitting on the

Swirling the paint around inside of your bottle. Spin and flip at the same time.
~ ~ After your bottle has dried for 24 hours, you will bake it at 325 for 40 min...the directions are on the paint bottle. ~ ~
 It will then be safe for drinks or food though :)
The glass dying was being done while painting the inside of our new toy box!
I should have the box done by tomorrow & will post more pictures, but for now here is one picture. Made from pallets!
~ Desiree ~
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  1. Beautiful photos you are right about the blue glass as well its looks gorgeous. You may like the lazy Daisy blog page she does some beautiful pieces

  2. They are all so beautiful. I love the way you've framed the corks.

  3. Visiting from FJI! I've never seen this done before. I love it! Once the dye is dry, is it safe to put live flowers in it? Hmmm...I'm definitely going to have to read more about this. I'm intrigued!!

    I've started a weekly link party on Sundays over at Addicted 2 Decorating. I hope you'll come link up your project!!

  4. Oh how I recognize those Patron bottles. Hmmm. I had better get busy and empty them so I can try this. Thanks for a good reason to do so. Great project.

  5. What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing! Love this project.

  6. I had no idea you could dye glass. Where do you get the paint?! I would love to try this. Colored bottles would make such lovely centerpieces. Thanks for showing me :)

  7. Beautiful! What kind of paint?
    You have a very nice blog. Lots of cool ideas.
    I am a new follower from The Creative Blogger Party & Hop. I would appreciate if you follow me too.

  8. All the bottles look gorgeous! Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  9. Love the bottles! The glasses from wine bottles- you'd need a glass cutter (home improvement store) although if it's a jagged cut you'd want to grind the edge. And the cheese server- you'd need a kiln. Both super easy projects with the right tools! Diggin' your blog. ;-)

  10. I always thought the above, also. Until the other day: :
    "a fun, easy, and surprisingly safe project
    You'll need:
    Acetone, like nail polish remover
    Yarn, I've found that a poly-cotton blend is good
    [+ fire]
    not only a thrill, but it's also fun to apply physics to crafting."

    ha haha haha .


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