Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Neat Tax Prep Giveaway

We've tamed the paper monster using NeatReceipt products!

As you know, we creative types are not always the best with those left-brain activities like taxes. To help deal with this tedious task, I've attempted to turn tax preparation into a creative process. No, NOT by creative bookkeeping!!!!

I use a tiny little scanner to scan every one of my receipts associated with my business. Having those itemized receipts helps me when it comes time to pull together numbers for the accountant, but I also use them for reference. When I forget which retailer placed the order last year for ten dog leash holders, or what store had the great sale on glitter paint, I simply use the search function in the NeatReceipt software. Contracts, insurance policies, lease agreements - no problem finding them at a moment's notice.

The Contest can be found HERE and the Contest Rules can be found HERE 

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