Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is going to be a quick post of some of my progress on my office makeover.

This is the front room when you come in the front door and we have just never really used this space for anything other than the fish tank and a holding place for my furniture...as you can see, the fish tank is green again and I'm looking to get rid of the fish and put our little gecko in it. He's easy to take care of.
Sorry for the bad photos, my husband has the good camera right now.

I picked up a double bookshelf that I will be painting, and it will be taking the place of the fish tank.
My little side table was made over.
 The mirror "before" yes it was only $14
  The planter "before" $11
 AND....The "AFTER" the power of spray paint!!!

Picked up 94" drapes at Tuesday Morning for $9.99 a panel.
This is what the garage looks like while my husband is gone...
I turn into a thrift store furniture junky. I can't pass up a good price tag. $8 each for the chairs & $14 for a solid wood corner cabinet!!
Still on my list TO DO:

1. Paint Desk
2. Paint Bookshelf
3. Re-do my two chairs, paint & reupholster ...I'm a little afraid of that one
4. Paint the walls a gray color
5. Do something about the file cabinet

6. Find a rug for the room...so far everything I like is pricy!!! this might be a little bit of a challenge 
~ Desiree ~
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  1. Love the picture of your garage. When my husband leaves, I fill our garage up with furniture to paint, then work quickly to finish it before my husband returns to park on his side.

  2. Thanks for sharing your home office re-do! I'll be making a home office for myself again after the move and I'm soaking up home office images like a sponge!
    And about rugs, I find that garage sales are a wonderful place for low cost, but beautiful, rugs! And washing them or scrubbing them down with vinegar cleans them and gets rid of any 'pet odors' that they might have!

  3. Your office is going to be wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. The items you have there are just awesome! But, the fairest of them all is actually the clock!


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