Friday, July 8, 2011

Basil Seeds

I received an herb box for Christmas from my sister last year...she knows me so well! The Thyme is taking off as is the Rosemary but the basil went to seed fairly quickly. I just left it in the box and I know once basil has flowered it will pop up EVERYWHERE! It is but this how you can get some more in a pot to maybe give away as a gift.

The herb flower box.

 See the sad looking basil to the far right....well left looking at it?
If you let the flowers dry out you can open them up and there will be a seed inside that you can re-plant.
Pull it open and find your seed.
It's as easy as that! This is what it will start to look like in about 4-7 days.
Basil is now popping up in my other pots that are next to it to.
In my Brussels Sprout box.

This is my Avocado tree that I started from a seed as well. It's getting bigger every week!! I soon hope to have avocado's growing on it. I will have to wait and see though. It's about 3ft now after planting it 9 months ago....well it sat in water for about 3 months while some roots took place, then planted in some soil.

~ Desiree ~
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