Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The bookshelf is DONE!! You can see the first part of this make over HERE.
What this space kind of looked like before.

Daddy sitting and looking at mommy's mess!!!!  Saying, when are you going to stop messing with stuff:(  I did get rid of our fish...thank GOD! So tired of taking care of the 100 gallon tank. We still have the tank and have put our gecko in it.
Just what it looked like while I was working.

My double bookshelf that I bought off of craigslist for $50! It's very solid and it fit in the back of my van like a glove.
Sorry for the bad picture quality!

In the priming stage. I used Kilz water based primer and Zinssers oil based primer on the shelves. I really just wanted to try water based primer for the fact of easier clean up and I liked it, but I read on the Centsationl Girl blog that water base primer should set for 7 days! NOW..I take my time when I'm doing these kind of projects because I change my mind and come up with better ideas as I look at the space, so 7 days was fine with me. The oil based primer sets in 45 min. and I think it's more durable so I used it on the the shelves to knock them out once the frame of the shelf was all done.

I sanded everything down between each paint process with a "fine" grade sanding block to get a smooth surface.

I had Pure White paint on hand and I used my "Old Navy" FREE paint sample from B.M. for the back side. Spent NO $$ for this bookshelf makeover!

I am just in LOVE with my Clock  Knock Off that I made. It's going to look good once I put all the "final" touches on this office:))  

My husband will be getting the left side and mine will be the right side. He has already placed all his EXPENSIVE waxes on display...lol  My husband owns his own business doing high end auto detailing. I have to say he does some AMAZING work.  It's kind of funny because we both love waxes and buffing...just different kinds.

I love the curves on the top of the bookshelf.

I picked up some file shelves for 40 cents a piece at the Goodwill.  I want to spray paint them SOON....yet again creating more projects.
This is a picture of the rug I WANT from Target. I am SOOO in love with this rug!
I was originally going to stencil the back of the bookshelf but the pattern that I really LIKE would take me FOREVER, so I scratched that idea. I'm going to use it on a smaller item in the room...can't wait to show you all that one:)

I got a gallon of B.M. paint for $5 at Ace Hardware that I thought was Gray but it has turned out to be more Blue than Gray.  It's a really nice soft blue color, so for $5 bucks I like it. 
I still need to finish the desk, the chairs, the curtains will be getting a paint job as well. There is to much Blue going on now so I need some pattern in the curtains.

 I have two chairs to re-finish and re-upholster. I had picked out a Navy Blue and White patterned fabric at first but now that I the walls are more Blue than Gray I'm going with some other color. 

I bought this Coral colored fabric a while back that I fell in love with and it's supper SOFT. I'm planing on doing the frames of the chairs in White, so I think the Coral fabric will look good on White chairs.

 The lamp shade I picked up at Target on sale for $13.99

Till next time

~ Desiree ~
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  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation!! But I have to say I think I'm in love with that chair just the way it is...

  2. I like the changes, the navy and coral look great together!

  3. Your bookshelf is GORGEOUS!! WOW!!


  4. There is so much “blue” going on in the room, and I absolutely adore it! Great job with the bookshelf. Love the coral-coloured seat, by the way.


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