Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spray Painted Pumpkins, Pine Cones, & Chalk Board Paint

Life is SUPPER busy right now, so I'm just posting up some photo's of random stuff (crafts) that happened throughout the last couple of weeks with my children.

Feather boa turned into a wreath, spray painted large pine cones and hung them from the chandelier.

I FINALLY bought some chalk board paint and it works fabulously!!  Check out the pumpkins we spray painted and thumb tacked up!!

What the pumpkins looked like before...

 I can't wait to get through Halloween so I can start the Christmas stuff:)

OHHH...I made some of these!!
French Toast Cupcakes....delish!!

I found them on Pinterest and had to try them...I only ate TWO though, talk about sugar and butter OVERLOAD:)))

(via Sweet Stella's)

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  1. love this idea. in fact, i've got plenty of pinecones at this very minute 'decorating' my back yard. thanks for the new project.

    you can promptly call me a copy cat, dirty rat.

    off to spray...


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