Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coffee Can Lid {Snowman Wreath}

I wanted to make something for the back of our dining room chairs with all the wonderful Pinterest pictures I have been seeing.

This Christmas is just coming WAY to quickly and I will start getting ready for Christmas next year in....Oh say...September!

Sorry for crappy photo's...hubby is out of town again with the good camera.

Don't mind my AWFUL dinning room set! It's on the list to refinish. I got it for free....well rescued it from the trash!

One day I will buy/make a set that truly LOVE.
Any who....
I remembered that I had saved a couple of metal rings from coffee cans that I used for plant planters last year as Christmas gifts and It just so happened that I had a can in my cupboard.

I had two smaller ones from smaller cans.

Make some small clippings of whatever plant you choose. I have some bushes in my back yard that did the trick.

Use floral wire to wrap the clippings around your coffee can ring.

Add some ribbon. I just looped it around and stapled the two end to each other.

You could leave it as one wreath at this point if you wanted too.

I attached the two wreaths with more ribbon and added a red bow to the top.

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  1. Desiree, I love these. I must of missed them on Pinterest! Very cute and I think I have the same bush! Girl call me and I will come get that dining room set, I love it!


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