Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handmade Ornaments {Glittered Toilet Paper Rolls & Soup Can Lids}

I have been working around the clock to make handmade gifts this year.

I like to teach my children that a gift can be a little more special if you make it:-)
We used toilet paper rolls and soup can lids to make Christmas ornaments for his teachers.

I put my Martha Stewart glitter set to use this year!
Soup can lids decorated in different colors, one for each of my son's teachers. The kids and I worked on these for about a week. A total of four.

Each teacher received a soup can lid in a box with a large star on top of the box.

Glittered toilet paper rolls, vintage sheet music, and little Christmas embellishment's.


I am SOOO in love with the glittered toilet paper rolls!! I am going to get a head start on these for myself next year. I want to do a more "color" schemed tree next year.
Can you just picture a tree filled with glittered stars!!!

Sorry for the not so good photo's. The good camera is being used AGAIN!
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