Saturday, February 18, 2012

Antique Low Boy Curvy Dressers

I picked up an antique children's bedroom set about a month ago that my mother found for sale in her neighborhood...THANKS MOM!!
She sent me the link to the add with pictures and I was SOLD!

From the pictures I couldn't tell that they were "child" size furniture, so when I went to pick them up I was a little disappointed. It's still a very cute and fun set to re-finish though!
 Two low boy curvy front dressers, each with their own mirror and a full size head board.

I am going to for SURE paint the head board....but the dressers I am sooooo torn!!

 I love the little key holes:-))))
 One of the mirrors.

I have striped, sanded, and re-stained the cabinet dresser. Let me just say this wood is just GORGEOUS!!

Amy from The Salvage Collection was kind enough to help me with some furniture questions and advice on this one!!  I can't thank her enough!
At first I really wanted to paint a two tone style on these dressers but I am now finding it very difficult to cover this birds eye maple up with paint!!

I found a couple paint colors that I fell in love with by Martha Stewart. I just might need to hold off on for now.....


  1. Oh wow I'm so jealous!!! What gorgeous pieces. I love the curved fronts and the piece with the door is amazing. Great finds! :)

  2. Leave the dressers unpainted for now. That wood does looks so interesting. What a great find. Enjoying your blog.

  3. I would love to see what you've done with these items. I recently picked up a much rougher version, but identical match to your low boy dresser and mine definately needs to be painted. However I'm undecided on what type of finish I'd like.

  4. Plz do not paint. The wood is birds eye maple beautifully finished. Gorgeous plz keep to show off the natural wood.

  5. I have a very similar birdseye maple dresser (lowboy) and mirror. Mine has functional locks (and, yes, I have the key). These pieces have been in my family for... Well, at least 90 years, maybe 100. Not sure. I know my great grandmother was given them for her wedding, but I'm not sure if it was 1909 or 1926.
    Do you happen to know the manufacturer, or what the style is called? Mine has Queen Anne legs.
    Do you happen to know the manufacturer?

  6. Sorry, I don't know:( the lady I bought them from said it was her grandmothers set. The lady looked to be in her 60's 70's so these pieces are well over 100 years old!! I will never let them go! I never get tired looking at them.


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