Monday, March 19, 2012

A Round Up of Things

I've been working on my birds eye maple dresser.
Not sure if I just messed it up though?!?!?!

I was trying to let the wood grain show through ...didn't really work.

The wedding and baby shower's are over and I'm glad to get back to DIY'ing!
This is a full shot of the custom chalkboard I made for the wedding. My inspiration can be found in this POST.

 I made these "I Do" birds for the wedding, so each of them could hold one while I take a picture of them kissing....but I didn't get that shot:(

I received a few additions for the craft room!!

 Embroidery machine & a serger

They were my husband's grandmother's....not sure how to use them just yet :)
 Picked up these magazine holders in gray and yellow at the dollar spot in Target! Love them! A $1 each:)
 Took some of my husbands tool trays that he wasn't using from the garage and they fit perfectly in the little about that unfinished underside?

With Spring here, I have a few projects that I did a few years back that I want to share....before I ever blogged:)

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