Friday, August 10, 2012

Husband's Business is Growing

My husband has finally opened up a shop!! He has been running his own business for eight years now and has grown his business every year since he has started!!

His business started out as a mobile auto detailing business in a large business park, working in the sun all day, up at 5:30 a.m., doing the same thing for about four years. He had a bigger dream for himself and he has made it happen!

How about his great office?!?!! HAHA!! I will be doing A LOT of updating to this space A.S.A.P. 

The previous owner was in this space for 30 YEARS! That is a hint as to how long this office has been "untouched"

He now gets to work out of the sun and is working on cars that are $1,000,000+!! He has followed his passion and dream and is now making it a reality:)

So proud of him!

Ferrari Enzo

The paint BEFORE

The paint AFTER

He works on these cars for days at a time, but after he has worked his magic on them....HOLY SHINY!!

AND...I think I just might be happier about this new shop because look what's next upholstery shop!

You better believe I am going to make best friends with this guy and try to learn a few things:))

So, that now means I can now use our garage as my studio/storage/stock pile!!

It has been difficult to do anything in our garage due do I can't make dust, don't make it look like a junk yard, don't scratch the CAR!

I can now get my end of stuff cleaned up!

 I will leave you with some projects that will be getting makeovers soon.


This round table with four chairs. The chairs are below.

My boys helping me clean them off:))

I am going to use these legs from a table that I pulled out of a neighbors trash for a small baby bed to be used as photo props.

Small cabinet

A toy box/shelf thing....this is in our family room right now and is GREAT!! Just need to get some paint on it!

Sewing cabinet from about three years ago!!

And I can't believe I am going to show you how I have been storing stuff.........

THIS can now come to a stop!!!

Happy dance for me:)


  1. what a story! i love when hardworking good people find their passion and SUCCESS!


  2. Hi Desiree, I love your blog and nominated it for "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog! Check it out if you have time.


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