Sunday, June 23, 2013

Water Blob

A few weeks ago on UCreate, I saw a "water blob." I knew this would be a perfect play date activity for summer.
There is another tutorial on this at Clumsy Crafter too.

Even little Mario got in on the action....hehe
What You Need
A large roll of heavy duty plastic sheeting and heavy duty duck tape. The plastic sheeting is in the paint isle. Be sure to get 4mil sheeting.

1.Open it up and fold in half.
2.Fold the edges over and tape them down.
3.When you get to the "top" part of your bag, leave a hole for the hose to go in and fill it.
1. Very flat surface, or it will roll down hill
2. Two rolls of duck tape....the second will help patch holes through the day
3. Cover that first strip of tape that is holding the sides with two more strips covering the first strip (I have images explaining this further down)
4. Add small objects into the bag for some added fun....those packages of sponge capsules that grow would be fun!   

It's large enough to do flips on!


I did notice on the one side where we overlapped the tape, it held up better.

The side that wasn't overlapped.

Now go have some FUN!!!


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