Monday, September 26, 2016

Kid Friendly Halloween Party Decor

I held a little Halloween party at my house a couple of years ago and did a little party table in our dinning room. It was a black, white and orange theme. Fun for all ages and not too scary.

My supplies are from Target-One Spot, Michaels and Dollar Tree.
I made the black and white spiral streamers by taking shearing scissors to both edges taped them to the wall at the top and twisted them until I achieved the twist all the way to the bottom and taped it down at the bottom.

You can find the tutorial on how I made the large paper fans from Dollar Tree finds HERE. As seen in the picture bellow.

I covered organic apple sauce cups in black fabric and tied it off with orange and black bakers twin from Target, craft paper cut out into a circle, and little Halloween embellishments from Michaels.

The banner is from Target One Spot. I added the black and orange ribbon in between the triangles. 

The brown paper bags are from Target One Spot. I added the embellishments to the front with stuff from Michaels Halloween station. 

I covered Organic juice boxes in white paper and stamped them with a Halloween stamp.  

Small chocolate bars wrapped in white paper and topped off with Halloween stickers from Michaels. I found a book of stickers for like $3!! They are nice cardboard stickers too:) 

I created bottle wraps in Photoshop.

The little skeletons and brew pots are from Target One Spot. I put gum balls inside of them and added paper straws.

Colors and patterns was the theme of this party. Small and simple.

The kids were able to grab a juice box, apple sauce, Halloween wrapped candy, and the gum balls in the little plastic skeletons & witches pot.  

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