Sunday, September 18, 2016

No Sew Mini Fabric Pumpkins

After making my Halloween wreath I had some left over fabric & I've been wanting mini pumpkins for my flower box, so I thought why not make some. I had just enough fabric for two small ones in a perfect farmhouse pattern!

I needed something flexible for the center...hmmm what do I have? Bubble wrap! If you're a Amazon junky like myself, you have a bubble wrap stash. You could use PolyFill too if you have some.

I used a large bowl to draw out a circle. It's about 12-14 inches wide.

I cut a stick from outside at about 5"- 6" for the center stem.

Form a ball with the bubble wrap & hot glue your stem into the middle. I did hot glue on two sides.

Open your bubble wrap up and glue your stick in and wrap the bubble wrap back around the stem.

Place your "ball" in the center of the fabric and start pulling your fabric up to the stick & hot gluing it to the stem. 

As you're pulling the fabric up, you do a little fold over with the fabric since its round. 

Once all your fabric is glued to the stem, tie jute twine around and around while putting little dollops of hot glue down to help hole the twine in place around the stem. 

I love the rough shape of them! I tied jute twine around the pumpkin on one to make them different. That did give it more of a round shape.

These would make great little place card holders on a table setting for guests to take home on Thanksgiving! I think I'll be making more since I have more fabric in a vintage white design:)

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