Wednesday, October 12, 2016

DIY Dollar Store Spell Book

Every year for Halloween I set a small table out on our front porch with candy for Trick-or-Treaters since we are out trick-or-treating ourselves. My kids were so disappointed last year with the lack of Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, so I decided to step up the decorating a little this year!

This whole table set up will go outside on our front porch the night of Halloween and in the last few pictures you will see different candles...flameless ones from the Dollar Tree for safety!  I'll be blogging the rest of our outdoor Halloween decorations later this week. 

I started with a black hardback book from the Dollar Tree and removed the paper cover. Open the book to a half way point and paint both sides with white paint. I used chalky finish paint in white. It helps cover the writing in the book but it also gave the pages a nice curl on the edges when the pages dried.

You can see the pages curling here! You could even paint more pages to make the book appear thicker with more curled pages.

I found two spell images online that I liked and printed them out.
Cut them to size and take a tea bag that has soaked in hot water and rub it all over your paper. I left a few darker "puddles" in spots on the paper to give more of an old feel.

While the paper was still wet I ripped the edges of the paper off & then let them dry. I didn't wait for them to completely dry but at least 10 min. While they were drying I burned the edges of the two pages with a lighter. Once the papers had dried some I used a mix of glue & water to attach the paper spells to the book pages! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of these three steps. 

The book pages around the tea died spells were still white, so I rubbed the tea bag in areas on the book as well.

The Dollar Tree has these flameless candle sticks that are just perfect! 

I love the way it turned out....For $1! I'll make a cute little sign for the candy bowl Halloween night with a saying to take just one candy or you'll be cursed with "Never wanting candy again!" 


  1. May I have the link you used for the printable pages you used in the book.
    Love the "curse" quote for taking just one.

  2. You will see the images in this link. I just googled spell book.


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