Sunday, March 26, 2017

DIY Fairy Garden

With Spring here, I decided to upcycle an old chair I found curbside into a fairy garden. Michael's has some adorable fairy garden items now! It's like playing with my childhood doll house but outside!

This is what the chair looked like when I found it curbside. I cut the seat out & wrapped it in chicken wire.

I wish I had picked up a coconut liner to go on top of the chicken wire but instead I used a black trash bag. So far, this is holding up just fine, it has been about two months since I planted this chair.

 I cut the top section off of the trash bag & opened the bag up, placing the bottom of the trash bag in the center of the chair and wrapped it over the sides.

 We poked several holes in the bag for drainage with a skewer.

 Fill with potting soil and your desired plants. I found mine at Home Depot.

I cut off the excess bag around the edges and dry brushed a pale purple on the chair. The natural wood wasn't doing it for me.

(These are iPhone pictures.)

And what the garden looks like two months later! It's filling in a lot so I have to cut some stems off occasionally that grow into the pathway.

The white flowers should grow larger and start to hang down, helping cover up the trash bag. The bright green plant in the right corner is already starting to grow down!

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  1. Desiree, this is adorable! And I just happen to have several antique ice cream parlor chairs missing the seat! I just never knew what to do with them until now. Thank you so very much for posting this great tutorial. Enjoy that pool! :-)


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