Friday, July 14, 2017

Mini Stick Ladder

You know when you find something really cute and buy it, then you start seeing different styles of the same thing that are really cute too and before you know it you have a pile of really cute dish towels!! haha

These dish towels are to pretty to use so, I needed a way to display them! I was going to get wood and build a mini ladder to hold them. When while doing yard work one day I had an idea!

Free and simple! It took me 10 min. to put this little bad boy together and I've used him for so many different décor set ups already!

Here are a few!!


This mini, mini one I built to take photos for you all to do this tutorial!
It's about 10" high! The other one is more like 2'.

 I had some straight sticks and just eye balled how big I wanted the ladder. Cut two legs then  three rails. The branches are freshly cut so they are still alive. I think if these were dried up, when you go to screw it together it might just crack and split.

Little tip: if you lay the ladder down on a table and screw off the side of it you are able to do this with no help! lol The drill hangs right off the side making it easy to screw into the leg & rails! You are able to hold those two pieces together with your other hand!

This is what it looks like complete!

What do you think? Ready to go make one for yourself?

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  1. LOVE IT! I have already made a couple of blanket ladders but have never thought of the mini towel ladder! I made a small ladder to go above my kitchen sink to hang decor from. It lays across each cabinet above the sink. Christmas greenery and change of seasons are easy to do! Thank you, one of my next projects.


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