Friday, January 19, 2018

Vintage Inspired Valentines Entryway

It's the first holiday after Christmas and I couldn't wait to get some new décor up in the house! Valentines décor can be tricky sometimes. The stores sell mostly red and pink cutesy stuff and that's just not my style. I love seeing it in others homes though! For myself, I wanted something with a vintage and romantic feeling. Simple, with touches of blush. I don't decorate the whole house.....just one little area on our buffet table.

Using old books, antique corbels and antique china filled with flowers adds a simple vintage feel. You don't need to always write on a chalkboard either. They make for a different background to layer décor over. I used a command hook to hang the wreath in the center of the empty frame and the frame is just duck tapped to the back of the chalkboard.

The heart ornaments are from Target after Christmas sale 4 years ago! I knew when I saw them I wasn't going to use them for Christmas, but for Valentine's décor.

I ripped the covers off of old books and bundled them together with blush lace. Aren't they cute? I have a thing for lace! I would probably have it hanging off of everything in our house if I didn't have three boys!    haha

Every time I walk by this display, it makes me smile! How about you, are you ready to decorate for Valentines now?

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  1. Desiree, Just consider us your newest fans! Your display is so gorgeous and inspiring. What a fun way to be introduced to your talent! Excited to get to know each other. We are thrilled you joined us for the launch of our linky party and we know it's just the beginning of lots of fun. Please join us each week! Blessings, Julie & Jodie

    1. Thank you, SOOOO MUCH! Glad you lovely ladies were inspired by it! I will definitely be back to join your parties! Looking forward to seeing all the other talent out there! Congratulations on your first linky party! See you next week.....if I get a new post up! 😂 Have a great weekend!


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