Friday, May 4, 2018

DIY Botanical Art

Art can be very expensive especially when you need multiples! I love botanical prints and they can be hard to find and sometimes when you find them they can be a bit pricey. I searched Pinterest for free downloadable prints and found Lauren's at Bless'er House. I absolutely LOVE these six prints and if you want to download them you can head over to her blog and subscribe to get the free download!

I had my prints printed at Office Depot on 65lb. CARD STOCK paper! It's a thicker paper so that the color of our walls wouldn't show through the paper. I printed them at FULL size on 11"x17" paper and this left a decent sized white boarder all around the image allowing space for the wood strips at the top and bottom.

I happened to have a TON of wooden slats from a shutter that had fallen apart and thought "wouldn't these wood pieces be cute for something" well, 6 years later I have a project for them! hahaha
I wanted a small overhang on the wood slats so I cut them all at 12" leaving a 1/2 inch on either side.

I just used regular old Elmer's glue to glue all of the wood slates to the Botanical prints.

 Run a strip of glue down the center and then I stuck the two pieces of wood together to make the glue cover all of the two wood slats. Pull them apart and then place your print between the two wood slats and clip them together while the glue dries. I did end up using 3 clips on one strip because the paper kept wanting to slide out from the glue once I clipped just one clip on. So keep an eye on your paper while the wood slats dry together.

Once all six prints were dry I measured in 2 1/2" from both sides and marked it to hot glue jute twine to the back side at the top to hang them.

 This is what they look like all finished! It only cost me $3.12 for the prints and I had all of the other supplies on hand!


Since its six prints I used the extra two on either side of the room.

This is such an affordable way to add art to any space and there are so many free pintables available online! Joanna Gains even has one available on her blog!


  1. So simple and so cute. Very nicely done, I love them.

  2. Lobe the idea. I also have saved the slats from a white shutter. I used some to glue on the sides of a picture I'd painted on canvas. I wanted a finished edge and more depth. This idea on a print is beautiful. Ill have to try it with one big my watercolors on 300 lb paper.


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