Sunday, June 17, 2018

How To Add A Vintage Touch To Your Pillowcases

We recently picked up new sheets for our bed and it came with four pillowcases. I thought to myself, so many plain pillowcases these will just sit in our linen closet! That gave me an idea to embellish two of the pillowcases. I LOVE lace and ruffles and since I have a TON of lace from my husbands grandmother, I decided to use that. 

This was an easy and inexpensive project. I would still like to add some ruffles to the other two pillowcases and make them more fluffy!

I love the way I was able to add a little texture to a once plain linen with the lace I already had! 


I used two different laces and sewed them together to make one wide lace trim. 

Once the two laces were sewn together making one, I sewed the lace right alongside of the trim of the front flap of the pillowcase. 
I wrapped it around the back of the pillow only about two inches since it wasn't really necessary to go all the way around. 

The one mistake I made was sewing the back inside pocket that covers the pillow once it's inside the case closed. It was only the two inches from sewing the lace around to the back of the pillow so it wasn't a big deal but make sure to open that pocket up when you sew it on the backside.

I love it and it's such a simple and beautiful touch to add! From plain to fluffed. what do you think? Let me know in the comments if you'll be trying this project!



  1. I love this idea Desiree! Way to repurpose small bits of lace into something beautiful & useful! Sharon @houseonheatherfield

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I think I’m always looking for free or close to free projects! 😂

  2. I love this project! And I think your walls are the same as my kitchen! Had to take some getting used to in the kitchen. Kinda had a - what in the world was I thinking moment. Love it in your bedroom though! Very pretty

    1. Thank you, Cindy! 😂 these were the color of the walls when we moved in and it’s grown on me! I would prefer white walls in the bedroom but that’s too much work right now!


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