Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Make Vinatge Christmas Stockings

I recently went searching for vintage Christmas stockings and couldn't find any at an affordable price! I found these Linen stockings on Amazon at a great price, four for $13.99!! That's about $3.50 each! The cuff is a little shinny but I was surprised by the fabric on the underside. It's a lighter linen color and by folding the cuff up it lengthened the stockings like the long vintage stockings! When I purchased these my intent was to cover the cuff with lace or pretty detailed fabric.

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This  is what the stockings look like from Amazon out of the package.

I cut the strap off all of the stockings, folded the cuff up and ironed the stockings.

You can really embellish these any way you would like! I chose to keep it simple and hot glued some crocheted ribbon that I had and layered it with a smaller ribbon on top. 

Once you're finished you can just hot glue the stocking strap back onto the stocking.

They are now ready to hang and enjoy! I added some red bells to mine and I might add some the black ticking stripe ribbon to them as well! 

I am so in love with the simplicity and neutral color of these! So much better than sewing my own like I was planning on doing!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this simple but darling idea! I love it and I will be making some! I am so in love with your ig account!


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