Thursday, January 31, 2019

Easy 30 Minute Valentines Decor

Valentines Day gives me a reason to be a little creative after the holidays and change up areas around the house for fun. I always do a little bit of Valentines décor in small areas of our home. I find it to be less stressful and fun if you keep it simple and just do one to two small areas in the home. This Wall in our living room is one area I change up every couple of months or sooner. I'm actually ready for a BIG change on this wall! I'm thinking of adding board and batten and all new décor! I love having the lights and doors but the doors were just temporary to fill the space a year ago! 🤣  I'd like to keep the lights but do something new with everything else!

Anyways....onto this years Valentines décor! It's all very simple and took about 30 minutes to create!


1. Dress up wreaths you already have.
2. Make a Valentine banner.
3. Make a fabric or lace garland.
4. Heart ornaments from after Christmas sale! 

I used some lace that I already had to make a garland and layered some whitewashed rattan heart ornaments I bought 7 years ago after Christmas at Target with Valentines in mind! I do sell the lace garland in my ETSY shop if you're interested!


I just added some pink dried roses and white pom pom berries to Spring wreaths I use year round! You don't have to buy new wreaths for every holiday or season. You can always add seasonal florals, ribbon, cards, pictures, etc. to ones you already have! Clip old Valentine cards or notes to a wreath! Have fun with it! The dried roses are from my husband last year on my birthday so they have a beautiful memory!

I ripped book pages out of a book and fed them into our Xerox machine, printing the letters onto book pages for the LOVE banner. The font I used is EcuyerDAX in Microsoft Word. YOu can choose any font you like though!

You can see some other Valentines décor from past years HERE and HERE!

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