Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spring Decor Dried Flower Mantel

I have been on a dried flower kick for months now! Fresh flowers are always a splurge purchase for me so if I can save them after they have lived their beautiful vibrant life, that makes me happy.
We recently celebrated my grandmothers 90th. Birthday and I made several floral arrangements for the party. As the Roses started to droop, I pulled them out and hung them upside down to dry. The long Stock flowers were just laid on the blue cabinet and dried. Most of the petals fell off of the Stock flowers but I saved those too! The Eucalyptus is now crispy and droopy but I still see beauty in them. Don't you? The lighter dusty green they once were is now a few shades darker.  

This is what the flowers looked like in their full bloom life!

They slowly started dropping their leaves & petals. Lining the table with soft pastel petals. It looked so pretty!

See why I couldn't just toss them?
I've never really decorated with green before but had these beautiful green vases from my husbands grandmother & liked the size & color of them! The darker green vase had those little green liqueur glasses and I always try to use things I have rather than letting them just sit in the china cabinet.
The glasses sit perfectly on top of the brass candle sticks, I LOVE the green & gold together!

I used some of the smaller dried rosses in the green glasses and just laid the larger ones bundled together next to the stack of books. The drying Stock flowers continue to lay beautifully where they were drying.  

 I like the slightly messy, wild feel of letting the dried flowers do their own thing. It reminds me of running freely in a field of wild flowers!

 I bottled up some of the larger Eucalyptus leaves and Rose petals together and put the Stock petals in a jar by themselves. I'll be able to sprinkle them out when I need them & they look beautiful just sitting in the apothecary jars.

Hope you'll start saving those wilted, dried flowers and use them in your day to day décor! I love how organic they feel in our home. Most times our flowers come from a special occasion as well and you would be able to enjoy them seasonally or year round!

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