Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring Styled Open Kitchen Shelving

If you feel like you're wanting a little change in your décor this time of year, I feel the same way! I like to choose small areas of our home to change out & the open shelving nook in our kitchen was ready for a change! Hard to believe I hadn't switched out the shelving décor in over a year! I went a little bolder this year with color by adding in some yellow. I knew I wanted that mint green again, so I gathered up my jadeite plates, kitchen scale and my favorite of all, the vintage wire egg baskets! I got those a couple of years ago at an antique fair. 

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The copper mugs filled with faux ferns add a little extra pop and I like that I can use them for all four seasons! 
Using small cupcake stands is a great way to add height when needed.

The lemons fit in perfectly for that touch of color, yellow. I added a cloth napkin to the scale to hold the lemons up. They wouldn't stck properly and kept falling over without something under them. You could use a stack of plates inside the scale too if you wanted. 

I have wanted a plate wall for years now! I don't know why its taken me this long to create one but I love it in this little coffee nook. My husband and I LOVE coffee and use this spot probably more often than we should! 🤣 These small plate hooks hold perfectly and keep the small plates flat to the wall. I used one of my DIY botanical print hangings to help fill that spot up. 
When we moved in I made this desk area my work space so I had a corkboard hanging there. Now I wish I would have put full length shelves all of the way over. 

I have to say, the green and yellow feel like I'm walking through a field of wild flowers with the sun shining! Are you ready to add some Spring color to your kitchen now? 

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