Tuesday, May 7, 2019

DIY Herb Painted Doormat

Who knew you could paint your own doormat? I sure never thought of that, so when Terri at Decorate & More With Tip asked me to join her painted door mat challenge I was excited to join! I love trying new things and this was right up my alley! There are 10 other bloggers joining this challenge that you can check out at the bottom of this post! So many different designs, there's definitely one to fit your style, or inspire your own design!

I have enough doormats, but I've been wanting one to go in front of our little patio bench. Keeping with "all thing plants" right now. I thought it would be fun to try a herb botanical design. It's hard to get a lot of detail in the painting on the mat, so it didn't really turn out exactly how I had envisioned. I still like it though!

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Target had their coconut plain mat on sale for $8.99 or you can find a slightly smaller one at Ikea for $4.99!

 I've been hunting for more baskets that will work outside for our potted plants and found that grapevine basket over the weekend at a garage sale for $1! Adding the copper garden sticks to the plants have made for a fun touch.

I found a inspiration herb print online and did a light outline with a sharpie. I have no patience when it comes to making a stencil! Hooking the Cricut up, creating the design, printing it out....I was done with my mat just free handing it before all that stencil making business would have been done!🤣

Since I already have a lot of paint on hand, I used chalk paint. I know they make a outdoor fabric paint or even just outdoor paint. I think the chalk paint will hold just fine since our patio is covered and we're not walking on the rug a lot. My little ones come and play on the bench, my daughter likes to lay down now on the rug. haha

I used a small stiff paint brush and did a dabbing motion over my sketches on the mat. For the Basil leaves, I added the light purple paint in the center of the leaves while the green paint was wet. It adds a little depth to the print.

After seeing how well the black Sharpie showed up for the outlines, I decided to just use the sharpie for the words.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to make your own personalized doormat. You can visit the other blogs listed below to see all of the other designs!


  1. How cute is your bench area!!? I love your door mat and how easy it was to make. Your botanical mat fits perfectly there. That basket and the copper sticks were a great find and looks amazing where you placed them. I had a great time working with you on the challenge can't wait for the next one we work on together.

  2. I love how your pretty doormat turned out! And, I'm super jealous of your freehand abilities. Great job!

  3. I love that bench area! Your mat is so creative and looks perfect in the space!

  4. I love your door mat Desiree. The design you chose fits so nicely with your pretty porch. This was a lot of fun. I hope we can do this again soon.

  5. Your mat and design turned out so well! I love how its styled with your bench!

  6. Love this mat - just perfect for your sweet little potting area! And what a cute bench to work on!!

  7. I love the freehand style and think you did a great job with the images and words! So cute and it works perfectly with your potting area! Hugs!


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