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Summer Home Tour 2019

I'm excited to be sharing some areas of our home for Summer. Thank you, Kelly from The Tattered Pew for hosting this Summer Home Tour blog hop. If you're visiting from Lindsay at Aratari at Home, welcome! Glad you've stopped by to visit, hope you'll find some inspiration in keeping things simple around the home. With the kids on Summer break, I wanted our home to be comfortable and have a carefree feeling. I didn't spend a lot of time redecorating anything. Maybe an hour to freshen things up!

I was inspired by a vintage hankie that I had hanging on a cutting board in our kitchen. You will see it on our open shelves in the kitchen nook. It's white with blue and yellow flowers. Since I already had some yellow going on in our home from Spring, you can see it HERE and I always have blues in our home. I decided it would be easy to freshen things up with blue & yellow. 


When you come in our front door I have a summery lemon wreath that I made from Afloral hung up for that touch of yellow when you come in. I love color but try to use it sparingly. Years ago I would get hung up on adding my color scheme to every little inch of our home that it felt like overkill at the end. My style has changed over the years and I find it to be a more restful space with the less is more approach. 

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For the blue in this little area of our entrance, I used these two vintage bird prints. I found them at an antique fair for a $1! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I loved them! My general rule of thumb is, if you love something, buy it! Especially if it has a good price tag on it. The beautiful thing about antiques is that you don't see the same thing in everyone elses home. Most antiques have their own little imperfections that make them uniquely perfect.  

For the touch of yellow, I used faux daffodils mixed with a faux whimsy cream wild flower. By mixing the two faux florals together its created some interest to the arrangement without it being too much. Trying to not make your eye jump to the yellow flowers. I wanted to keep everything light feeling. To bring in some of that vintage/light brown color that's in the bird prints, I used old books, a thrifted hat, jute twine, brass & a chippy corbel. All of these pieces have the same color tone, so nothing really jumps out at you. I didn't want anything to necessarily pop. 

We have a large archway leading into the dining room on the right of the foyer & my husbands office to the left. These two small walls sat blank for some time and I just recently made those two pallet wood flower pocket holders. I'm not sure what that big round wood thing is, I think it's an old cheese box? I found it at an antique fair for a $1 and loved the color of the wood. The color of the wood flows with the rest of the wood colors throughout our house.

The other wall holds my collection of vintage creamers. 

Dining Room

Our dining room is my favorite room in our house. My love for true old pieces grows more & more everyday, and this is the room where most of them end up. ❤I have a vintage chandelier waiting to replace the one hanging now. All of the plates that are hung around the mirror have yellow in them. Yellow florals and yellow birds. Since my big cabinet is blue I decided to use some faux green apples & pears. I felt like they had a Summer feel to them & blended well with the blue & yellow.

Just a simple long wicker basket filled with my favorite brass candlesticks and faux delphiniums for a centerpiece. 

Here's a peek at the little doorway from the hallway in the kitchen into our dining room.

Our little kitchen nook is where most of the color is! I did yellow and sage green for spring HERE, so pulling the green out and adding the blue was a easy transition into Summer decor. 

The shelves are filled with mostly vintages pieces. The only thing that's not vintage are the faux plants, Target mini cupcake stands & the white ramekins on the top shelf. 
I'll often get asked, how do you add color to your without going overboard? I try to find timeless pieces that can be used through all of the seasons. Yellow is strong color, so I used it in small doses, the lemons, vintage hankie & the hanging tea towel on the wall.

There's the blue & yellow hankie that inspired our Summer décor.

One change I love the most are the new lace curtains from Ikea! The scalloped edge is so cute and they let all that beautiful sunshine in still.
Living Room

My love for blue is a year round thing. There are a few large pieces of furniture in our home that are painted blue. I really don't add any more blue into these spaces except for the throw pillows on the couches. Since our couches are white I feel like the little extra touch of blue is okay. Plus I found them at Ikea for $1.50 each! If you have kids, especially little ones, you know they just get dirty and thrown on the floor. I don't spend a lot of $ on throw pillows anymore!🤣 I've tried to mix my love for cottage style and vintage into our living room.

I tried really hard to hide those pesky TV wires behind the milk glass and our Wi-Fi box is hiding behind the dough bowl.

With a little two year old in the house, the coffee table is basically a playground. Adding a pretty centerpiece is just asking for a mess! Keeping it simple with just a set of corbels ties in that vintage, light brown color that flows throughout our house into the living room.

This large wall in our living room is a struggle for me to decorate. Our ceilings are high and I feel like this wall either looks empty or cluttered. haha I actually just picked up one of those vinatge wall hanging mug racks. Most people use them to hang hats or coats from them. I'll be taking the gallary wall down on the left because it's too busy for me & replacing it with the simple acordian hook. I made the faux olive tree topiay HERE.

I've shared our main living areas and this is a look down the hallway into the master bedroom. I'm hoping to share that space in the coming weeks.
Hope you've enjoyed our simple Summer home tour! You can continue the Summer tour by visiting Bethany at Crisp Collective!

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  1. Your home is stunning!! I love how bright and airy it feels!

  2. Desiree I just love all the color you used and the inspiration from your hankie! You always have the best vintage finds...I adore your blue bird prints! Thank you for sharing your beautiful summer tour! Kelly

  3. Beautiful house, so cozy:-))) I just love it all:-)

  4. I love your pops of yellow and blue, so summery! Your antique finds are amazing! I want to come shopping with you!


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