Saturday, April 30, 2011


A couple of days ago I received an E-mail from Beverly. She made her own Clock Knock Off using my tutorial and it looks AMAZING!!
This made me grin from ear to ear :) My first satisfied "follower"

Didn't she do a fantastic job? 

I'm glad to see that, I'm not the only crazy one that sees the beauty in pallets.

The update to the BOTTLES That I did HERE
I purchased a spool of Sisal Rope at Home Depot, 50' for about $5. It's found in the hardware isle. There are LOTS & LOTS of items that I want from that isle :)

 Start by wrapping your rope around before you cut it, this way there will be no wast. After you have cut it to length, tape off the ends to help prevent fraying.
I used clear tap for this entire project, easy to use and easy to change your bottles out when you get tired of it. I was originally looking for a way to glue this all down...hard for any thing to stick to glass though and the toughness of the rope. 
Tape down the bottom end first.
Wrap the rope ON TOP (over) the piece of tape, this will help hold it all down.
Once you have reached the top, take another piece of tape and start with it down in the neck and wrap "out" and "over" the rope and down the back side about an inch.
 Turn your bottle around and it will look STUNNING!

~ Desiree ~
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  1. this here is an extremely valuable piece of information. i like it very much. i wish had one of those amazing bottles.

  2. I just found your blog from Knock Off Decor and I've subscribed! I'm loving your great ideas!


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