Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, I'm home! What a weekend, I forgot just about everything but our clothes at my mother's house. That's okay though, my stepsister is due with their first baby in TWO WEEKS!! You better believe I'll be RIGHT BACK for that. My boy's are 3 and 4 now...can you say baby fever?

Her father has kept the cradle that she and her brother used 30 years ago. It has now been passed down to her and the cradle doesn't quite fit her style. I have brought the cradle back with me and I will be returning it to her on the arrival of their new BABY! 

It's a little unsafe right now with 3" gaps on the side wall, so I will be fixing that problem as well. 
I have two weeks to get this done! I got right to it today :)
Testing Minwax's Ebony on this majestic piece of furniture. I think her father is a little sad to see this cradle get a make over though :(

The Family photo from Easter
~ Desiree ~

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